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Number: 3723
Category: Perfect binder
Manufacturer: Horizon
Model: BQ 270 V
Built: 2016
Number: 054...
Impression: ca. 85 Tsd.
Status: In production
Test: By prior appointment agreement possible
Location: Germany
Availability: Directly
Machine:1-clamp perfect binder
Manufacturer:- HORIZON - Japan
Model:- BQ 270
Envelope size:- max. 660 x 320 mm
- min. 240 x 135 mm
Block size:- max. 320 x 310 mm
- min. 135 x 115 mm
Cover thicknees:- 90 - 300 g/qm
Block thickness:- 1 to 50 mm
- Integrated measuring station (outside the clamp)
Cover feeder:- Suction drum feeder with 4-fold scoring
Load capacity:- 70 mm
Milling section:- Milling section with suction
Routing depth:- Adjustable
Spine gluing:- Hotmelt (EVA)
Side gluing:- Hotmelt (EVA)
Gluing:- Through two applicator mills and active side gluing
Control:- Touch & work technology
Equipment:- 200 memory for repeat jobs
Total counter:Approx. 85 thousand bonds (cycles)
Condition:As is
Speed:Max. 500 cycles / h
Width:2.720 mm
Depth:910 mm
Height:1.545 mm
Power supply:This machine is connected to 400 V, 50 Hz.
Important:Connection requirements of any power utility note!
CE mark:The machine bears the CE mark
Price: On request
(exclude VAT)

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